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That’s Not Legal!


Would you accept a job where you got no benefits, no vacations, no taking a break, no sleep, constant exertion, working from 135 hours a week, increased work load during the holidays, NO SALARY, and little thanks…? This video is a must watch. A fake job ad for ‘Director... Read More ››

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Our Pick: The 3 Best Easter Egg Crafts!

Activities & Materials

Every holiday is an opportunity to spread our creative wings – and this Easter we plan to soar! Here are our three favorite Easter egg decorating designs. Magic Balloon Easter Treats! Do you ever wonder how they get those ships in a bottle? Well, this is kind of similar,... Read More ››

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Learning Through Easter Displays


With Easter approaching, why not introduce a display to teach your child about the holiday? Set up a special area such as a low down table or shelf and keep a collection of Easter-related paraphernalia there. You might include some decorated Easter eggs, picture collections, chicks, Easter bunnies, an... Read More ››

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5 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week


Oh how we laughed…and then cried. Here’s our pick of the best videos doing the rounds this week. 1. Wait a minute…that’s not thank you! 2. Your challenge: try not to choke up. We’re pretty sure it’s impossible, even on the 5th time watching it. 3. We wish our... Read More ››

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The Truth About Punishment

Montessori Parenting

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger – Buddha To punish or not to punish – it is an eternal dilemma for parents. Even parents who subscribe to holistic parenting methods frequently fall into the punishment trap. Here are 3 people... Read More ››

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