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Get unlimited lifetime access the Montessori Home course for only $27 (save 59%).*

*Requires 7 ~2 minute feedback surveys (1 per module, 1 for course)

A Message from The Montessori Home Team

Hello Fellow Montessorian

I’m Pippa Woodhead, one of the many creators (and the narrator) of Montessori Home. I am thrilled to be able to present you with this advance access edition of the complete Montessori Home course.

So much time, passion and effort has gone into this project so far, but we do not want to stop here. With your help, we can continue to evolve this course to meet the continuously changing needs of parents like you!

This is why, by getting the Montessori Home course, you will become part of a members-only community for life. Not only does this get you access to hours of audio guides, especially-designed cheatsheets, and tons of educational activities, but it’s also the ideal platform for fielding Montessori and parenting-related questions, problems, and support. Through this continued feedback, you and I have the opportunity to create an incredible parenting experience for yourself and others.

We want to offer you $40 discount on the price of the Montessori Home course (and lifetime membership!) – meaning you get it for just $27! In return for this offer, all we ask is a few minutes of your time to give us some valuable feedback. At the end of each module there is a quick feedback survey that will take no more than two minutes of your time, plus a further two minute survey relating to the course as a whole. This is just 14 minutes of your time for a $40 saving, plus it will help us make this the best parenting resource possible.

We hope that you bring your full dedication to the community, and we hope to learn as much from you as you learn from us!

See you inside,
Pippa Woodhead and the Montessori Home Team

7 Awesome Reasons to Get Montessori Home

1. Your child will be smarter

When we say smart, we don’t just mean traditional intelligence either. Your child will be more in tune with his/her body (physical intelligence), will have tremendous creative and problem solving abilities, and also be better able to work with and empathize with others (emotional intelligence).

2. Your child will approach learning with passion, now and for the rest of their lives – and the proof is in the pudding.

Some of the most innovative people in the world were Montessori educated as children!

3. Your child will be more responsible and conscientious

Dr. Montessori found,that when children are treated with respect and allowed to direct their own learning, they become more independent and hard working.

4. Your child will be better adapted to social situations

A child who is happy in their learning environment will constantly be receiving confidence boosters in their work. Children who have mastered a skill and feel confident in their knowledge love to share with other children and make friends with ease.

5. You will prepare your child for success in school

Regardless of whether you plan to send your children to traditional or Montessori school, they will adapt faster and tackle the new challenges with vitality and enthusiasm.

6. You will cut the stress of being a parent

A conscientious and and capable child loves to support others and take responsibility in their environment, meaning you may find a willing helper around the home. Not only will you have more time to spend together, you will also have more time to tend to you!

7. You will be confident in your ability to raise your child to be happy, passionate, and successful

Montessori is a proven, universal learning structure that uses thoughtful play to give your child the best possible start in life. We have put everything you need to know in an easy-to-use resource that takes the scientific principles of Montessori and turns them into something anyone can use with their own children.

Limited early-access spaces are available!
Get unlimited lifetime access the Montessori Home course for only $27 (save 59%).*

*Requires 7 ~2 minute feedback surveys (1 per module, 1 for course)

Module Summaries

Module 1

Montessori Principles for Parents

In this introductory module, you will learn the basics of Montessori education and the ways in which it aligns with natural human development meaning every child can reach their full potential.

Key Learnings:
  • How Montessori education can make your child more independent, happier and make your life a breeze.
  • The importance of correct cognitive development and how traditional education actually hinders this process.
  • The benefits of harnessing your child’s early learning power when their brains are at their most absorbent – techniques that most parents miss!

Module 2

Understanding How Your Child Learns

We will delve deeper into what the Montessori method is, how it trumps traditional education in facilitating both learning and development, and how the Montessori method became such a powerful learning tool.

Key Learnings:
  • The astounding benefits that make Montessori stand out from traditional education.
  • The truth about how human beings learn and absorb information.
  • Some of the Montessori method’s greatest success stories.

Module 3

The Montessori Path to Brilliance

We will cover how to recognize sensitive periods when your child is more capable of absorbing a certain field of information than at any other time in his life. We will also explore how providing your child with the right type of freedom will optimize his early learning.

Key Learnings:
  • Recognizing ‘sensitive periods’ which are key to capitalizing on your child’s natural curiosity and drive.
  • How we learn language, the trick to being bilingual and why language lessons in school don’t work.
  • Avoiding common parenting pitfalls and ways YOU may hinder your child’s learning development.

Module 4

Being Your Child’s First Teacher

We want to help you be the best home educator you can be by giving you the skills and know-how so you understand how to open your child’s eyes to the joy of learning.

Key Learnings:
  • Putting yourself in your child’s place to better understand her needs and help her self-direct her learning.
  • Creating cycles of activity which will build neural pathways and the importance of letting your child complete activities on his own.
  • The perils of either punishing or over-praising.

Module 5

Designing Your Montessori Home

What are the key things you can do in your home to make it a learning wonderland, and to ensure there are no barriers or distractions to deter your child from their education.

Key Learnings:
  • Learning from the tried-and-tested Montessori classroom layout and how to implement similar structures in your home.
  • Maximising the benefits of each room in your house and ensuring things are properly arranged.
  • Ways to encourage your child to interact with their home environment and the values of a role in family life.

Module 6

Your Child’s Montessori Curriculum

What essential activities you should prepare for your child, how to make them cheaply and easily and how to tailor activities to their developing interests.

Key Learnings:
  • Sensorial activities to introduce your infant to the world.
  • Developing essential motor skills.
  • Practical life activities to encourage care of self and the environment.

Limited early-access spaces are available!
Get unlimited lifetime access the Montessori Home course for only $27 (save 59%).*

*Requires 7 ~2 minute feedback surveys (1 per module, 1 for course)

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