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4 Things Every Little Girl Should Hear


It’s hard to be a girl sometimes. For some reason the world (even in the developed countries) is still a little backwards when it comes to women. The fact that Feminism needs to be a ‘thing’ is evidence enough. So what do we want to tell our daughters? We... Read More ››

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Legendary Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini once said “never lose your childish enthusiasm.” This is what the below video has brought to mind for us. A little girl with so much creative energy that she simply couldn’t play by the rules and dance without throwing in a few extra moves... Read More ››

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Fatherhood wont take away your manhood – it’ll give to you. What does it really mean to be a Dad? We just love this video from funnyman Louis C.K about what it really means to be a father. He explains how when he first had kids he avoided them... Read More ››

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JK Rowling is one of those women who never ceases to amaze us. After all her success and fame, she still remains remarkably humble, balanced and grateful for all that she has. Despite the years of poverty she suffered as a young single mother, it seems she never lost... Read More ››

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, author, and lover of all things science. His advice to parents? Get out of their way. Kids are born curious. Period. How very Montessori! When left to their own devices children are constantly playing with and manipulating their environments. Many parents get... Read More ››

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