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Buying your child an iPad for Christmas? Think again!

Child Development

Todays post was inspired by this article in The Guardian newspaper ‘Instead of buying your child a boring old iPad for Christmas, get them a stick.’ Great idea! But this might not go down so well in the majority of households come 25th December. However, the topic of tech-overload... Read More ››

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Are you worried about whether you are bringing up your child right?


“I’m confused by all the information out there, I feel overwhelmed by conflicting parenting advice” Why is it hard to understand the best way to bring up your child? What will happen to your child if you fail to see the wood for the trees? We happen to like... Read More ››

Dr Silvia Dubovey

Montessori: The Alphabet of Life (Video)

Child Development

We love this video ‘The Alphabet of Life’ from Dr Silvia Dubovey. The name of the video comes from the analogy she gives for the prepared Montessori environment: The alphabet has only 26 letters, and yet with these you can make thousands of words. Meaning that from the Montessori... Read More ››

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Amazing Recipes for the health conscious and those with intolerances

Inspiration / Practical Life

Delicious, wholesome food is easy with our favorite food blogs! Most of us could do with eating a little better, and for some reason at this time of year it always seems to be harder. Not only as it’s the holiday period and there are lots of treats about,... Read More ››

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Activity: Sensory Obstacle Course!

Activities & Materials

What a great activity idea from our favorite new discovery of a blog Milk Crafts and Honesty. To make a sensory obstacle course, you will need a series of buckets or large low bowls, and some >tactile things to put in each. If you have an outside space to... Read More ››

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